Sunday, April 6, 2008

BadAss BodyLastics Review

BadAss Exercise Endorses Bodylastics

Badass Bodylastics Review

Outstanding value. If you are looking for a Gym, Bodylastics is a great option. You may think because it doesn't cost thousands of dollars and it doesn't take all the space in your family room or spare bedroom that this isn't real workout equipment. I have been using band exercises for years and I love them.

Not just a Traveling Gym

Many people start with band exercises if they are on an extended trip. A long vacation away from their normal training. While working out on a vacation or long trip you will not put them away when you get home.

I love the ability to instantly change exercises. I also love having the ability to instantly change the resistance durring the exercise. Most of the exercises I use the Bodylastics for take advantage of the door anchor.

Come see the system used by personal trainers

Exercises Taylored to your Sport

The Bodylastics Strength Band University one year subscription comes with all Bodylastics purchases. The SBU has different programs already set up for you to use. There are specific programs are aimed at Golf, Tennis, Martial Arts, Baseball and others. This is great for extra motivation and to learn how to exercise with the Body Lastics properly.

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GET RESULTS FAST with the #1 Compact Gym System Bodylastics!!

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