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Bike Web Guy on HubPages

Bike Web Guy on HubPages

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Badass Core Fitness for Women

Core Fitness for Women

Let's start with a definition of a Core exercise. It is an exercise that strengthens your core muscles. Your core muscles are composed of the muscles in your abs, back and pelvis. Most core exercises stress several muscle groups at the same time. Core fitness should be the basis for most exercise regiments.

Many of our injuries and long term pain is closely associated with weakened core muscles.

Acording to Wikipedia "Physical fitness is the capacity of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and muscles to function at optimum efficiency."

This YouTube Video shows Ford Model Kim Strother with some
basic Band Exercises.

Band Exercises for your Core

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BadAss BodyLastics Review

BadAss Exercise Endorses Bodylastics

Badass Bodylastics Review

Outstanding value. If you are looking for a Gym, Bodylastics is a great option. You may think because it doesn't cost thousands of dollars and it doesn't take all the space in your family room or spare bedroom that this isn't real workout equipment. I have been using band exercises for years and I love them.

Not just a Traveling Gym

Many people start with band exercises if they are on an extended trip. A long vacation away from their normal training. While working out on a vacation or long trip you will not put them away when you get home.

I love the ability to instantly change exercises. I also love having the ability to instantly change the resistance durring the exercise. Most of the exercises I use the Bodylastics for take advantage of the door anchor.

Come see the system used by personal trainers

Exercises Taylored to your Sport

The Bodylastics Strength Band University one year subscription comes with all Bodylastics purchases. The SBU has different programs already set up for you to use. There are specific programs are aimed at Golf, Tennis, Martial Arts, Baseball and others. This is great for extra motivation and to learn how to exercise with the Body Lastics properly.

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Badass Core Fitness for Women

BadAss Bodylastics Exercise Bands

GET RESULTS FAST with the #1 Compact Gym System Bodylastics!!

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BadAss Exercise

BadAss Bodylastics Exercise Bands

BadAss Bodylastics Review

I would say a penny for your thoughts but with the devaluation of the dollar how about a Buck?


Badass Core Fitness for Women

BadAss Exercise

BadAss Exercise equipment for Nice Guys and BadAss wanabes.

BadAss Bodylastics Exercise Bands

Endorsed by NFL BadAss Terrell Owens
T.O as he is affectionately called by his supporters has played for the SF 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. Love him or hate him he is widely regarded as a hard working very fit wide receiver.

The cover of Owens' autobiography
The cover of Owens' autobiography

Check out BadAss Bodylastics Exercise Bands

I'm going to let T.O. show you.

BadAss Exercise and Bodylastics get you a gym body without the gym? With the Bodylastics system you can give up your expensive monthly gym expense. You no longer have to drive across town to work out.

Have you seen the Bodylastics exercise bands advertised on TV? Did you think it was a gimmick? No Way... Bodylastics will rock your body. Buy them for your Gym in a bag to take travelling and you will be hooked.

Bodylastics has packaged their resistance bands with a 'smart' color coding system and added swivel clips to the end of each band to allow quick changes in resistance. They have also included a number of attachments and extras that still allow Bodylastics as a complete home gym system to fit in your budget.

Come see the system used by personal trainers??

The gym I ordered comes with (4) handles and (4) ankle straps that connect to the (7) colored bands with a quick change clips storage bag, users manual, T.O. Workout and diet guide, Circuit Training DVD, . Also included in the Terrell Owens Endorsed Super Strong Man Edition are the Six-Week visible Results Guarantee, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Limited Lifetime Defects Warranty and a Lifetime membership to the Bodylastics Strength Band University.

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